ACT Rules & Agreements

ACT Ground Rules

  1. I agree to complete the entire 8 week session.
  2. As a coach, I will do whatever it takes in order to ensure that the participant I am coaching does everything on their list. I understand that I will be coaching different people throughout the 8 weeks.
  3. I will pay $5.00 into the team fund for each ‘A’ item I or my coachee do not complete and for each of the following ACT agreements that I break (i.e. being late to a meeting, not giving 48 hours notice and missing a meeting, etc.).


ACT Agreements:

  1. I agree to attend all ACT video call meetings (video on except for technical difficulties). Exceptions must be cleared with your Action Team Leader (ATL) at least 48 hours in advance. I will call in, be present and ready to begin by the agreed upon time (i.e., Weekly Action Plan already emailed to your coach and ATL, clarity on whether coachee is complete).
  2. I will not engage in other activities during the meeting call; e.g., no eating, using my computer, moving around, interacting with a pet, writing, or reading something during the call (unless this is part of the activity of the call and it is clear that you are doing this).
  3. I will be honest with my coach and team (i.e., I will acknowledge any broken agreements).
  4. I will make any broken agreement payments prior to the start of the next weekly meeting (or within 1 week, whichever is less) by making a deposit online (instructions for paying online are in the welcome email). Checks or cash are not accepted as payment for broken agreements.


Possible Reasons for Termination of Participation in ACT:

In order to create a strong foundation of teamwork as well as to create alignment and integrity for the whole group, any or all of the reasons below could lead to your being asked to not participate in an ACT group. Rarely have we needed to discontinue someone’s participation in ACT; in part that is due to our intention to be clear about expectations for group participation.

One of these reasons alone will not necessarily cause dismissal from ACT but are an indication of a person’s commitment and ability to participate at the level that is expected.

If you are asked to leave ACT, you are not eligible for a tuition refund. You will receive one warning if you are in danger of being asked to leave. Decisions regarding your non-participation will ultimately be decided by your ATL and the ACT production team.

  • Missing more than one ACT weekly session (no phone call & a no show; or less than a 48 hour notice).
  • More than 2 excused absences from meetings OR from playing a given week, even with a 48 hour notice.
  • Not handling a missed meeting responsibly by following through with all of your agreements; i.e. checking in with your Action Team Leader, contacting your coach and coachee to make coaching appointments, paying for any broken agreements promptly, etc.
  • Being late to weekly meetings consistently.
  • Being more than 10 minutes late on more than two occasions.
  • Not making broken agreement payments within one week.
  • Lying to your coach or the team.
  • Breaking an agreement because you didn’t feel like keeping it and didn’t call your coach.
  • Failure on multiple occasions to keep time/coaching agreements with your coach or coachee.
  • Not getting back to coach or coachee within 24 hours of them trying to contact you.


I understand the ACT non-participation policy and am committed to being a productive and cooperative member of the team. I agree to abide by the ACT Ground Rules and Agreements during my participation in ACT.


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