Masen Yaffee – Owner / Manager
Masen has been involved with spiritual and personal growth work since he was 4 years old when he received a meditation teaching from an eastern guru, Prem Rawat. His life has been devoted to pursuing his own spiritual path as well as supporting others in finding their own way and being true to themselves.

He has participated, assisted, and trained numerous seminars, including such varied topics as entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, belief management, goal achievement, communication & counseling skills training, and relationship skills courses.

In 1994, Masen founded New Directions in Computing to assist companies in building their businesses using the Internet. Through NDIC, he has helped hundreds of small and large companies market and sell their products and services online and offline. He founded and built several other companies, including a technology startup company and an online apparel company.

Masen has taught classes for UCSB Extension, Adobe Systems and Apple Computer. He provides instruction and consultation for individuals and businesses in all aspects of digital marketing including website design & development, strategy, planning, implementation, advertising and business development.

With his wife Barbara, Masen co-led The Bonding Weekend workshops for over 20 years. Their workshops are designed to inspire and motivate people to heal deep wounds, complete with their past, make new decisions in the present, and to live their lives authentically with enthusiasm, passion and integrity.

Masen lives with Barbara, his wife of 28 years, at Lake Nacimiento, California with their 2 kitties, Xena, & Spike. His favorite pastimes include wakeboarding, mountain biking, Soo Bak Do karate, private aviation, Mysore Ashtanga yoga, volleyball, watching sci-fi, singing, and listening to Audible books at double-time.

action team leaders

Phylis Wakefield PhD., Psychologist

Paul Schuyler, Film Maker

ACT was created by Bruce Randall & Simon D’Arcy over 30 years ago.

Bruce co-created ACT in 1989. He was inspired by the life changing tools he received in varied personal growth courses and their ability to motivate people to make big changes in their lives and in the world.

They all had either an explicit or implied agenda that came with them. Bruce wanted to create something that would support him and his friends in accomplishing goals, free from an external agenda. They designed the structure to ensure that each person would get the tools and support needed to accomplish their goals without any judgement or influence over what those goals “should” be. So they formalized a format and structure and ACT was born.

Simon’s intention included providing motivation for people, that extra push that a group and recognition can provide. ACT’s format of providing weekly contact, both with the group and other team members, gives a feeling of camaraderie, because everyone is working toward the same dream of accomplishing their goals.

In addition, he knew that within a coaching relationship you are likely to accomplish more than what you would have done by yourself; having support can mean the difference between success and failure of a business or of personal goals.