ACT is not a fit for everyone. It requires a high level of commitment and a willingness to take responsibility to an uncommon degree. We do not accept everyone that applies; there are limited spaces available, and there is a waiting list. In order to see if ACT might be a fit, it’s important that you review all of the material on this site, consider how you would apply ACT in your life, decide if you are ready to raise your own standards for yourself and, if so, whether you are willing to be held to those standards by others.


  • Your word is one of the most powerful tools you have in your personal arsenal
  • Your word is like a muscle – the more you make and keep agreements, the more powerful you become. Side benefits include increased self-esteem, ability to see greater possibility, greater aliveness, and happiness
  • You are responsible for your experience and for what you create in life
  • It’s possible that anything is possible
  • You can build your dreams one step at a time
  • Being deliberate in your actions allows you to create what you want instead of being at the effect of what’s around you. This leads to the realization of dreams and the satisfaction of a life well spent
  • Becoming aware of the consequences of NOT doing something supports you in doing it
  • A group of people sharing an intention is more powerful than a single person with an intention
  • A skilled coach can affect the outcome of a game, whether that be a game of sports or the game of life
  • Everyone has the answers and resources they need within them. The best coaches simply draw them out.


Here are some of the possibilities for how to use ACT in your life:

  • Set and build good habits so that they become automatic over time
  • Get past procrastination and feel excited and energized by taking action
  • Face things that you want to face but don’t know how or are afraid of doing
  • Stretch into new areas – to tackle goals that are a stretch and require support to get accomplished
  • Approach items that are in the category of “someday I will do this.”
  • Track and accomplish things are likely to otherwise get pushed aside or forgotten
  • Maintain alignment with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 5-year plans.
  • Practice maintaining a standard of impeccability about your word and feel the empowerment that comes with saying what you are going to do and doing what you say
  • Build the habit of completing items, reducing the gray and incomplete areas which sap your energy and attention
  • Stay intentional, on course, and deliberate as opposed to drifting or being always at the effect of whatever happens to be right in front of you
  • Be grounded in specific actions around your goals and dreams as opposed to being abstract, philosophical, hopeful or dreamy
  • Live a more expansive, “unreasonable” life – challenge your self-imposed limits
  • Experience the power of commitment and eliminate self-doubt and self-questioning regarding what you “should” be doing
  • Increase your ability to create what you want in life

Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?

-Robert F Kennedy