Most people in ACT are already fairly driven to accomplishment. Many find that their days are full and that they get things done. However, most players would likely acknowledge that, without ACT, what they do during their days from week to week does not always support their long-term goals. It can be easy to stay busy with what is right in front of you and put off following through on the actions that lead to long-term goal fulfilment.

People in ACT have varied goals and backgrounds and include business owners, parents, students, teachers and artists.

ACT is for anyone that would like support and accountability in clearly setting, steadily moving towards, and accomplishing medium-term and long-term goals. If you have a nagging feeling of anxiety or dissatisfaction that you aren’t making enough headway on certain goals or that you know you could accomplish more and live a fuller life, ACT may be just the ticket!

ACT participants frequently set both professional and personal goals in ACT. There are really no specific guidelines regarding what goals you set, only that they be SMART goals. People in ACT routinely have weekly lists that contain tasks that forward career goals like starting or growing a business, reaching sales goals, getting a promotion or finishing a complex work project. Personal goals run the gamut but often include health goals such as eating in certain ways, exercising, losing weight, getting rest/sleep, meditating, or recreating.

Trained Action Team Leaders who have played ACT for many years, are experienced with the ACT Coaching Model, and are committed to helping others reach their goals.

ACT sessions run for 8 weeks and start up again on the heals of the previous session’s completion. Once you Apply and are accepted, we will discuss potential start dates. Most teams meet around 8 AM Pacific Time.

Groups meet via Zoom video conference. 

At the minimum, ACT requires you to take part in the weekly 30-minute group call and do at least two coaching calls at the beginning of each week – one with your coach and one with the person you are coaching (your coachee). Coaching meetings typically take about 15 minutes but they can be shorter or longer depending on how long each person’s ACT list is for that week, and the nature of the items on the list. Outside of the initial coaching calls, it’s up to each player to communicate as much or as little as is required to complete their list. On average, this usually means a couple of text messages to both your coach and coachee to check-in and make sure things are going well. However, if one of you is having difficulty completing a task, a coaching call may be required. Ultimately, you are responsible for doing whatever it takes to complete your list and to support your coachee in completing their list. While this requires minimal effort in most weeks, occasionally it can require a great deal more.
The cost is $50 for an 8-week session. There is a one-time registration fee of $50 which includes the ACT Orientation. You only pay the registration fee one time, even if you take a session off and come back to ACT at a later time.

It’s up to each individual to decide how many sessions they want to participate in. Some play for a single session in order to complete a specific goal or goals, whereas many of us play continuously for years at a time. The cost of a session is kept intentionally low in order to enable people to play as long as they want to.

Many people in ACT have recognized that, while their goals and lives change and evolve, the benefits of accountability and a like-minded group of friends who support each other in goal achievement, is something that is always beneficial and enjoyable.

If you would like to join, please Apply Online. Following your application, you will have an interview with an Action Team Leader to ensure you understand and are prepared for the level of commitment, and expectations, required of team members. If you are both in agreement following this call, you will be sent the enrollment instructions. Once you complete those, you will be added to the waiting list and offered a spot as soon as one becomes available.

Broken agreement money is either used for a team party or donated to a charitable cause.

The enrollment process includes the following:

  • ACT How To Enroll Document (steps you must complete)
  • ACT Ground Rules and Agreements to be read, understood and signed
  • Completion of the ACT Orientation which is in the form of a 2.5 hour online course consisting of reading, watching a video, and a completing a short quiz.
  • Payment of your one-time Orientation fee and your Session fee
  • You need to sign the Rules and Agreements, complete the Orientation and pay your Session fee as soon as you are accepted in order to hold your space

Accountability is the opportunity to live at choice rather than accidentally. Without accountability, without committed speaking, without promises and declarations, there is no transformation; there is, at best, peak feelings.

With a promise you create a condition that supports your commitment rather than your moods. A promise made from the stand that who you are is your word, engages you as participant. The experience is one of joy, fearlessness, irrepressible energy and satisfaction.

-Werner Erhard